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Molecular Politics/Fixing America

If you enjoyed reading JJ’s writings on this site then you are in for a treat.  His book “Molecular Politics/Fixing America” is full of not only great reading but innovative ideas that will set this country on is rightful course.

Readers will find:


Many books have been written detailing the problems we have in the United States. Some have attempted to give the cause of such problems. A handful have attempted to give solutions.


Unfortunately, most solutions presented are not solutions at all but fall into three categories.

(1) A platitude decreeing to us the way things should be. Example: “We need to wake up and become more moral or responsible.”

(2) An idealistic solution, but with no way to implement it. Example: “We need a flat tax.”

(3) A solution that appeals to a minority with no chance of gaining popular support in the current environment. Example: “Abolish the income tax.”

This book takes a different, yet practical approach. Not only are important problems and their causes presented, and not only are solutions offered, but the author explains how to implement positive change and made it a reality.

The author presents captivating solutions in the Molecular Politics concept that bypasses partisanship and works with the majority to create change. Readers will be fascinated with ideas of participatory democracy, abundant energy, changing the money system, and much more.

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