The 95 Theses for the 21st Century

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther started the spiritual reformation that changed forever the face of Europe and the path of the Church. On this date, he posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

This famous church was the major bulletin board for the area. This act was comparable to making an announcement on the Drudge Report today.

The 95 Thesis mainly condemned “indulgences”, or the selling of forgiveness of sins for money. Because Luther tuned into the wave of the majority thinking of the people, his ideas caught on like wildfire.

Now is the time for another 95 Theses, but this time we deal with political indulgences rather than spiritual. We live in an age when those who take an oath to represent us are selling their votes for money, power and the praise of friends in high places.

Church leaders of that day ignored the majority will to their own peril and, again, political leaders in this day ignore the people they serve.

But the will of the people is like the gathering force of water accumulating at a dam. It is just a matter of time before the pure fluid exerts itself and overflows, sweeping away all the cluttering debris.

To the end of renewing this nation, I have written a new 95 Theses, but for political reformation rather than spiritual.

I have followed the example of Martin Luther and tapped into the unseen will of the people. I seek not to promote anything from the fringe of the Right or Left, but, to the best of my knowledge, each one of these points represents the will of the majority of the people.

Hence, those who fight against these points will be fighting the will and heart of the country. This is not a desirable side of the fence to be on, as it is the destiny of the people that their voice be heard.

95 Theses of We, The People


1       We, the people demand that government listen to our voice.

2       The will of the people, the majority of citizens, must prevail.

3       This nation is at a point of tension and high risk due to the carelessness of our elected officials, making it necessary for the people to make corrections.

4       Elected officials will criticize our speaking out at their own peril. We are the majority and will vote them out if they hear us not.

5       We believe in civility and encourage all debate to be a courteous exchange based on issues rather than personal attacks.


6       We, the people have to budget our money wisely and live within our means. We absolutely demand that our government do the same.

7       Wasteful spending must be eliminated. Fraud connected with government spending, costing many billions a year, needs to be controlled. Example: estimates are that around 20% of Medicare funds are lost per year due to fraud.

8       The national debt must cease to grow, as we will soon not be able to afford the interest, and it will eventually bankrupt the nation. We must also focus on reducing the national debt.

9       Stop all subsidies to farmers and other business.

10       We condemn our government and agents involved for stealing all of our Social Security funds and forcing us to depend on the Ponsie scheme of future revenues for our security.

11       The government needs to quit using our Social Security funds for purposes other than Social Security.

12       Congress has too many perks and needs to be more fiscally responsible with how they spend our money on themselves.

13       We demand that any economic stimulus money not yet spent be put on hold to stop us from going deeper in debt.

14       The government should cease bailing out private companies. The only exception to this would be by a referendum voted on by the people.

15       Any of the public’s money used to fight global warming (or the increase of CO2), or any major initiative must be proven to be cost effective. Only the most cost-effective means should be used.

16       It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer to purchase Viagra or similar lifestyle drugs for anyone.

17       Illegal immigrants are not entitled to Social Security benefits.

18       Earmarks need to be discontinued as is. Each earmark needs to be voted on as a separate item.

19       No tax money should be allocated to partisan organizations.


20       The amount of taxes paid by people need to go down, not up.

21       We want no taxes or central controls placed on the Internet.

22       We have punished smokers enough. Let us cease raising their taxes and ostracizing them any further, while continuing to educate the people about the dangers of smoking and any other consumption that is considered unhealthy.


23       The number of government employees need to be reduced, not increased.

24       The government can advise us what to eat and drink, but not tell us what to eat and drink.

25       We do not desire the government to dismantle or fundamentally change principles that built this country and have been proven to work.

26       We are against the government or its agents reading our minds, interpreting our thoughts or regulating them. We are against the thought police.

27       It is not the government’s job to tell us “the right thing to do”.  Morality is a personal decision. The only morality which is the concern of the government is the encouraging of obeying the law.

28       We, the people, do not want our children forcefully drafted into a civilian work corps where they may be susceptible to forced indoctrination.

29       It is not the government’s job to define what we can or cannot say, what is or is not politically correct. The people will decide what we want to say and speak as we will.

30       President Obama said: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  We, the people, do not need nor do we want a “civilian national security force” of such power that could become a nightmare to citizens if controlled by bureaucrats of destructive intent.

31       The state cannot confiscate private property for the purpose of increasing the tax base or for the benefit of a private business. This power of eminent domain must be restricted to public purposes, as has been the traditional case.


32       Any bill passed by Congress must be limited to 100 pages or 30,000 words.

33       Legislators must read a bill before they vote on it.

34       Congress must not only pass laws but seek out outdated, unjust, unworkable and restrictive laws and repeal them.

35       Congress is not to be allowed to raise their own salaries or decide their own perks beyond anything adjusted for inflation. Anything beyond this is to be decided by a referendum from the people.  We do not approve of Congress taking their family and friends on vacations at our expense to exotic foreign places. If they travel abroad at taxpayer’s expense, it should be for essential business.

36       The term of a Supreme Court justice should be reduced from life to eight years. At that time, they can be re-appointed or replaced by the President. If the majority are not happy with a justice, he or she can be removed through a majority vote by a national referendum.

37       We demand Congressional term limits, as we do not want to be represented by professional politicians.  Senators should be limited to two terms and Representatives to three.


38       Freedom of speech, even politically incorrect speech, or hate speech, is not to be abridged, except for the following: (1) Through a court of law where actual damages may be proven. (2) When existing laws of disturbing the peace are broken. (3) When a person specifically details and encourages breaking existing laws.

39       The power of the free market must be preserved.

40       We want freedom of religion and philosophical thought, not freedom from religion and diverse forms of thinking.

41       We want no censorship placed on the Internet except that which a family may voluntarily impose upon itself.

42       The freedom of the many should not be sacrificed for the freedom of the few.

43       We reject any form of totalitarianism or anything that leads in this direction.

44       We demand that we maintain our freedom to purchase vitamins, natural nutrients, all food and herbs without a doctor’s prescription.

45       We support freedom wherever it begins to surface around the world.

46       We seek, by peaceful means, to do all in our power to extinguish tyranny wherever we see it.

47       We desire maximum freedom for the individual and the country as a whole.

48       It is the right of parents, not the government, to decide if their child should be circumcised, vaccinated or treated for cancer with chemotherapy or radiation.

49       It is the right of parents to decide how to discipline their children. This does not sanction child abuse which is punishable by law.  Abuse of children by parents, other adults, or other children should not be condoned or tolerated.

50       Congress shall be prohibited from buying votes of Senators or Representatives by promising the people’s money to be used to benefit them personally or their district.


51       We, the majority of the people did not support the passage of the Health Care Reform bill of March of 2010 and demand it be replaced by something that does have majority support and is free from votes purchased with taxpayer money such as happened with Ben Nelson in Nebraska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

52       We must incorporate tort reform so doctors do not run expensive unnecessary tests due to fear of being sued. Damages beyond expenses should be limited to $250,000 in 2010 dollars.

53       It is not the government’s right or duty to tell the people whether or not they can keep current health insurance or to drive them out of business.

54       Both health care and health insurance should be a tax write-off for consumers as well as for businesses.


55       Children should be required to pass a standardized test before being promoted to the next school grade, and should be required to pass the citizenship test before graduating from high school.

56       School vouchers should be made available to those who desire choice for their childrens’ education.

57       It is outrageous that we pay an average of over $9000 per student in the U.S., and the teachers do not receive a higher income. Teachers deserve a larger percentage of the $270,000 spent per class of 30, and the taxpayers deserve a break. We, therefore, desire to reduce the number of administrators, the perks they have, as well as unnecessary expenses. This could result in an increase in teacher pay and less taxpayer money spent.

58       The hiring of teachers must be made solely on his or her qualifications, and not on ideology or political thinking.

59       We support the creation of a streamlined yet fair method of firing teachers, adminstrators and professors whose performance does not merit their pay or public support. This should apply to all public employees. The administrators who are released can be hired as teachers if they are qualified.

60       If any teaching of a partisan political nature is presented in public schools, then the other side should also be presented. For example, if one side of the global warming issue is presented in our schools, then the other side should also be presented.

61       It is the right of parents to decide how to educate their children, whether it be public, private or home schooled.

62       Our children should be taught an accurate history of the United States from a non-partisan point of view.


63       We support and encourage the United States to become energy efficient so we do not have to depend on foreign energy sources.

64       A majority of up to 74% of U.S. citizens support offshore drilling. (Zogby poll 74%, Rasmussen poll 67%, June 2008).We should, therefore, pursue this to help with energy independence and U.S. jobs.

65       If polls are unclear on the development of a controversial energy source such as ANWR, then we should hold a national referendum concerning it. Then, after at least 30 days of discussion, we should vote and majority opinion should be honored.

66       We support the development of cars that are more fuel efficient, as well as electric cars.

67       We support the construction of more nuclear power plants to reduce CO2 emissions and supply abundant domestic energy, as well as carbon-free power for electric cars. (Gallup poll of March 2009 reveals that 59% support nuclear power).

68       We support a reasonable development of any alternative energy that has a chance of success such as wind, solar, geothermal, wave, etc.

69       We desire the repeal of government mandates on ethanol as a fuel for vehicles.

70       Those who own land cannot be prosecuted for non-polluting activities, farming or business endeavors on their land. If the government has concerns about the land, it can make an offer to purchase it.


71       The Constitution must be respected as the highest law of the land.

72       We must enforce laws that we pass.

73       If a law is unjust or not workable, we should not keep it on the books and become hypocrites and lawbreakers, but we should change the law to reflect the will of the majority.

74       The Second Amendment is to be upheld as written in the Constitution.

75       If a jury or a judge concludes a lawsuit is frivolous, the plaintiff must pay all expenses of the defendant.

76       We must make sure that only citizens of the United States are allowed to vote in elections.

77       The U.S. Census should not count anyone as a citizen who is not a citizen of the United States. If non-citizens are counted, they are to be tabulated as such.

78       A child born in the United States to illegal immigrants should not be granted automatic citizenship.


79       Late-term abortions should be illegal, except where the life of the mother or another life in the womb is at risk.

80       Extremely controversial items such as abortion and gay marriage should be settled by a popular vote of the people. Let the majority rule.


81       We stand against racism and unjust discrimination in any form from either the majority or the minority.

82       We are against using the cry of racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. as a weapon to destroy political enemies, and the accusation should only be made when true discrimination is at play.


83       Any military conflict that requires more than 10,000 troops and is sustained for more than 90 days requires a sustaining vote from Congress.

84       We do not want a witch hunt to prosecute our CIA agents, troops, or other personnel who act in good faith to protect our country.

85       We need to provide the necessary funding to insure a successful missile defense program, as this may some day save our nation from nuclear annihilation.

86       We, the people believe in peace through strength, and desire to preserve a strong military until such time that nations “turn swords into plowshares” and learn to live in peace.


87       Our prisons are too crowded and we should look for means to reduce the population while maintaining law enforcement and security.

88       We support long sentences where violence or the threat of violence occurred. Where there os no violence, criminals should be given a chance to pay the victim compensation and not go to prison.

89       Our correctional institutions need to put more attention on rehabilitating inmates so they will be productive members of society when they are released.


90       Some members of all political parties belong to unions. Therefore, no portion of a union member’s dues should be donated to a party he does not support without his permission.

91       All union voting should be done by secret ballot to avoid openly intimidating the voter.

92       Voter fraud must be stopped. There must be a paper trail on all voting done by the people in general elections. The danger of tampering with computers is too great.

93       Mortgage companies should be prohibited from lending mortgages above appraised value of a property.

94       Those who purchase homes or property need to have an investment in the real estate and show a reasonable ability to make the maximum monthly loan payment. A minimum down payment of 5% shall be required.

95       We support the expedited construction of something beautiful on the Twin Towers site as a national monument to freedom from tyranny.

These 95 Theses will be updated periodically.  When one becomes completed, out-of-date or not applicable, it will be replaced with another more pertinent one.

If you think we missed an important point that has majority will behind it please send it to us, preferably with polling evidence to back it up. If you have evidence that one or more of our points are not supported by the majority we would also like to hear from you.

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