Introducing Molecular Politics

When one reflects it is amazing how the tiny elements of our existence unite and cooperate with great precision and perfection.  Protons electrons and other subatomic particles unite to create atoms. Atoms unite to create molecules; molecules unite to create cells many times more complex than anything humans have built.  Then cells cooperate to create organs, and, finally, whole functioning human beings.

On the other hand, humans have difficulty in cooperating and creating even the simplest functioning group without dissent threatening to tear it apart.  Is it our destiny to create organizations and even a country that functions smoothly, logically and efficiently?

We think so.  To find out how read about a new concept:  Molecular Politics.

1. An Economic Parable

2. The Problem with Politics

3. The Seven Influences

4. Changing City Hall

5. The Plan

6. Questions and Answers


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