Changing City Hall

Previously, we talked about seven barriers that prevent our representatives from truly representing the people.

Basically, they are:

1. Manipulated polls

2. Political action groups

3. Lobbyists

4. Trading votes

5. Ignorance

6. Pressure from party leaders

7. Prejudice

For many years, these problems have seemed insurmountable to critics of the system. These problems with government just seem to be something that we have to put up with. Not only can you not fight city hall, it seems that you cannot change it.

Actually, the only way to fight city hall (or Washington) IS to change it. Most people just throw their hands up in the air and believe that change is impossible; but change is not only possible, it is inevitable. Sometimes, change comes quickly and sometimes slowly, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but it does always come and nothing can stand in its way.

We are reaching a point of tension in the free governments of the world. Almost without exception, governments, which are supposed to be the servants of the people, are becoming larger, more distant and more encroaching on the lives of the decent hard- working people. Spending always seems to go up, which is always followed by taxes going up. As increasing numbers of people get hooked on government benefits, greed and laziness set in and these citizens, who think they deserve more than those not getting benefits, begin to demand more and more for themselves.

The drift toward more intrusive government in the lives of the common person can only go so far before change will come. The change will be one of two directions:

1. Governments will become all-powerful, thus preventing people from complaining about them.

2. The people themselves will institute change so power is given back to them, where it belongs.

This treatise and others I will write is to insure that the good change comes rather than the restrictive. We must change our belief system from thinking that we are caught in a whirlpool of political energy that is sucking us into situations of less and less control. Instead, we must think of solutions that bring us greater control, freedom and expression. One of the first steps is to institute a system whereby the people will be insured greater representation.

In the past, when innovators have had new ideas, they started a new political party around it. In the United States this has been quite futile. The two most popular third parties in the United States are the Libertarian and the Green parties. There are many others of little influence that do not have a prayer of electing a national candidate.

Let us briefly touch on these two. The Libertarians have as their major objective “liberty”, as illustrated by their name. They basically believe that if we have two political choices we should pick the one that brings the greatest freedom.

I personally believe this is the highest objective of any of the parties, and freedom and liberty are certainly principles that average people heartily support. So, why have they never succeeded in getting any significant numbers of candidates elected? Why do they usually get less than one percent of the vote in national elections?

The answer is simple. People today are attracted to the safety of the status quo and strong personalities more than ideas. This is why the good ideas of the Libertarians accomplish very little. If they do start to catch on, the major candidates will claim that they already have those bases covered – so why vote for an unknown?

The Green Party has the admirable position of saving the planet and making it a better place to live, but many of their positions are seen as either extreme or illogical and contrary to the will of the people.

When Hitler ran for Chancellor there were numerous parties and he obtained office with only a third of the vote. Chances are very slim he could have ever gotten elected under a strong two party system.

Even if we have the best ideas on God’s green earth, a third party is not the way to go. Without a ton of money or a strong national presence it would take years to even gain reasonable momentum.

Instead, we will present here a solution which is unique in that it does not advocate the creation of any additional political party, yet this organization will win elections with greater and greater regularity until all will join in with this system because it will bring true representation. Instead of organizing a new political party that will struggle on for decades, we will create a committee that will work with existing parties. If we can influence candidates in the existing parties to truly represent the will of the people, then the mission is accomplished.

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