Manifesto of the People

Whereas the job of our elected representatives is to represent the will of the people…

Whereas the will of the people are not represented…

Whereas the representatives work for the people and are paid by them…

The time has come for the people to assume their power as the employer of government, and see to it that their will is the prime directive and has a higher priority than the individual wills of the hired help.

The purpose of the job of the hired help is to carry out the will of their employer.

We, the people, are the employer and have decided to take back our power that we have, in the past, given away, blindly trusting that our will, needs and highest good would be held sacred. A few honor that trust, but the majority trample the people’s will underfoot. Instead of the people’s will reigning supreme, other wills are deemed a higher priority to these renegade representatives.

Other wills out-trumpeting the will of the people include:

The little will of our representatives.

The will of party leaders

The will of lobbyists

The will of large corporations

The will of partisan political groups

The will behind traded votes

Finally, no will at all is represented when our representatives vote on bills that they have not even read nor understand.

Because our congressional employees disregard this all-important duty to represent our will, we, the people hereby take charge and send a message to our representatives, “Immediately correct your errors, or we fire you at the next election”.

This time we will do more than talk.

We will act.

We will organize.

We will manifest our will to you.

You will follow our will or lose your job and be disgraced.

“No government can continue good, but under the control of the people.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1819.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

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