The Hidden Power

A reader is likely to ask, “You present some good ideas, but I have read many good ideas before, and nothing ever changes. What makes what you say any different?”

Good question. If we just stopped here and published this treatise as one more statement of needed change, then, indeed, nothing much would happen. If we desire real change, then words alone are not enough. Words must be followed by works, or a plan of action that creates results.

Before I present a plan of action, let me say a few words to dispel a common myth that average people are powerless to create change. Many seem to think that their hands are tied, their mouths are silenced and resistance is futile. They feel that about all they can do is complain or hold a few tea parties to release tension and then allow the Powers-That-Be to run amok as they will. Many feel they can just watch the deterioration around them and after it is over, the best they can do is say “I told you so”.

It is time for the common-sense people of this country to place themselves in a more powerful position than a mother with an out-of-control son who feels the best she can do is warn her son and then watch him ruin his life. Telling the kid “I told you so,” doesn’t count for much when a child’s life is on the line.

Even so, this generation must stand up and assume the natural responsibility of “We, the people”. Such a people will not watch their country die and then take satisfaction in saying, “I told you so.” Such a people will assume their rightful power and stand up and be counted as those who are participating in this point of tension to swing the pendulum in a constructive direction.

“But,” says one, “many of us would be happy to assume the power you say we have, but where is that power and how do we take it?”

“Where is the power of the people?” That is the question. Yes, it often seems that the people have no power, but this is pure illusion. In truth, we have ultimate power. The leaders throughout the world and its history have always done everything in their power to convince the people otherwise. They want us to think that they are the ones with the ultimate power.


Because most political leaders seek power more than they seek to serve, and, in order to keep their power, this illusion must be perpetuated.

“It’s a pretty good illusion, then,” says John Q. “I’d like to assist in change, but seem powerless to do anything. Where’s this power you speak of?”

Yes, that is the all-important question. Where is your power?

If you ask a politician where the power of the people is, he will say it is in their vote, and most people have bought into this being true… but is it?

On reflection, many realize that casting a vote every two or four years doesn’t do much. How often is it that there is no candidate that excites the voter? It often seems that the end result will be the same no matter who you vote for.

But, if our vote doesn’t have much power and we seem to get the same results no matter who is elected, then what other power is available?

I’ll let you in on a secret. The source of your power is not your actual vote, but that which produces the vote.

And what is that?

Answer: your thought.

Yes, that which is the source of your power is not your vote, for your vote is just a byproduct of something much greater and more powerful.

Your true power is in your thinking.

And what is the thinking of most concerned citizens?

They think they have no power.

If you think you have no power, then how much power will you have?

Basically none.

But what if you change your thinking and decide that you do have power? What will happen then?

Then you will be fulfilling an ancient law that says, “energy follows thought”. If you think thoughts of power, then power follows such thoughts and seeks manifestation.

The power brokers of the world instinctively understand this and are very concerned about the thinking of the unrepresented majority. They take endless polls to find out what you are thinking and then use the media, the power of money, employment, peer pressure, threats, taxes, laws and regulations to control that thought so real freedom never comes to the surface.

It is only when the common-sense people of the world realize that they have been tricked out of using their real power of thought that they will again assume their rightful position and take it back.

So how does John Q. Citizen take his power back?

It starts with this. He or she must realize that the power of thought is his own and take charge of its direction. He must reject the notion that he is powerless, and accept the all-important thought that he does have power to make a difference. Without the power of an initial believing thought, no positive change can transpire. Therefore, let us think believing thoughts of the way we want our country to be, and not be unduly influenced by all those outer voices that try to convince us otherwise.

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