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True Believer: I suppose you are one of those Teabaggers.


Thinker: I support the major goals of the Tea Party but why do you insult me?

True Believer: What do you mean?


Thinker: Are you aware of the meaning of the word, “teabagger” which is often associated with gay sexual activity?

True Believer: Yeah. (Laughs) I think its funny that you call yourself Teabaggers.


Thinker: We don’t call ourselves that. Where do you get that idea?

True Believer: I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere.


Thinker: And where would that be?

True Believer: I think I saw someone carrying a sign with the word.


Thinker: I’ve had people tell me that and searched the internet and cannot find one sign that identifies a person in the tea party movement as a teabagger,” except by a Tea Party hater.

True Believer: I’ll Google it right now.  I’m sure I’ve seen it.  Here it is.  This guy has a sign that says “Washington, you’ve been Teabagged.”


Thinker: Is the guy using the word “teabagger?”

True Believer: Same thing.


Thinker: No, it’s not the same thing.  He is referring to the time many sent actual tea bags to Washington to send them a message that we do not want higher taxes. This makes no association with the sexual act. Is he even using the word to identify himself?

True Believer: No he’s using it to say what he is doing.


Thinker: Yes, he’s merely saying they sent tea bags to Washington, which has no sexual implications.  The word teabagger in relation to the Tea Party started as an insult back in April 2009.  It was first used by Rachel Maddow and then Anderson Cooper who are both gay and were familiar with its sexual meaning. Anderson had the grace to apologize calling his remark a “stupid, silly, one-line aside” that was not meant to “disparage legitimate protests.” I think you ought to follow his example and apologize to me.

True Believer: What do you mean?


Thinker: You began this dialog by assuming I am “one of those teabaggers. Because of the sexual implication that’s as bad as calling me an asshole or worse. Do you call your friends names like this?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: Are you willing to call me an asshole to my face?

True Believer: Not really.


Thinker: So why do you call me and others a teabaggers which is worse?

True Believer: I thought you guys embraced the name.


Thinker: I think you know better.  You know that it’s an insult and many on the Left throw it out at every possible opportunity and are not called on it. Well, I’m not going to let you walk over me like some do.  I don’t like being called an asshole or a teabagger and I don’t want you calling me either one.  Is that understood?

True Believer: Getting a little thin skinned are we?


Thinker: Let’s see how thin skinned you are if I call you an asshole regularly as many call the Tea Partiers, teabaggers.

True Believer: Okay, I get your point.  I’ll try and cooperate. You got to admit that Teabagger is a catchy name?


Thinker: And we would probably had gone with it if it hadn’t had a derogatory meaning. The name “Nazi” was thought to be catchy also but who wants to be called one?

True Believer: Point taken. And speaking of Nazis, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Tea Partiers Nazis but they are really annoying extremists.


Thinker: I am a fairly typical supporter of the Tea Party.  Have I proposed anything extreme in our conversations?

True Believer: I’m not sure.  I’ll have to reflect on all we’ve talked about.  You really disagree with me a lot.


Thinker: But a disagreement does not indicate extremism.  Let’s just review some of the points I have made in our discussions and see if there are any extreme ones. I believe in God like around 90% of the people.  Is that extreme?

True Believer: I suppose not.


Thinker: I believe that it is good for democracy if both sides are heard.  Is that extreme?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: I am not a racist and do not like being called one.  Is that extreme?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: I believe in supporting civil rights when a real problem is involved.  Is that extreme?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: We could go on but all the views I have presented are accepted by half the population or more. I don’t think you can call the beliefs of half the population extreme, do you?

True Believer: It depends.


Thinker: Yeah, in your mind it depends on if it is my half or your half.  Don’t you realize that I am just as entitled to call your half of the population extreme as you are toward my half?

True Believer: But the Tea Party does have some extreme views.


Thinker: Well, spit it out then.  What are they?

True Believer: They want to cut many programs like Social Security and Medicare.


Thinker: Not many in the Tea Party want to do that but the main purpose of the Tea Party and the reason it came into existence was because of dangerous borrowing and overspending that needs to be controlled.  Do you know what polls show to be the top two concerns of the American people?

True Believer: What?


Thinker: Number one is the economy and number two is government overspending and the deficit. I would say that it is disingenuous to call a group extreme when their goal is in harmony with the two main concerns of the people.

True Believer: When you get to the specifics there is where you’ll find the extreme.


Thinker: The problem is that no one wants their benefits to be cut but if faced with making some cuts or going bankrupt the American people would follow the path of common sense. I would rather eat steak and lobster than hamburger but if all the money I had was enough for hamburger then that is what I would buy.

True Believer: Then you admit you want to cut social programs.


Thinker: I admit that we need to get spending under control and there are a number of things we can do. Most feel it is important for example to not reduce Social Security payments but would favor raising the retirement age if that would keep the program solvent. What’s your solution to the fact that we presently borrow 40 cents for every dollar the government spends?

True Believer: Tax the rich.


Thinker: We are overspending so much that this wouldn’t work even if all agreed to it.  If the government imposed a 100% tax on people making over $250K AND confiscated all last year’s profits of all Fortune 500 companies and took all assets of the top 400 billionaires… how long do you think the government could be funded?!

True Believer: Quite a while.


Thinker: wrong again.  It could only run for eight months and then there would be no wealthy left to tax.

True Believer: So what would you advise?


Thinker: One of the best solutions I have seen is supported by Rand Paul and many other Tea Partiers.  It is called “The One Cent Solution.”  Check this out from their web site:


Exploding federal spending and deficits threaten our homes, our jobs and our future.


We are calling on Congress to adopt the One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011 (H.R. 1848/S. 1316) and reduce overall federal spending by one percent per year — one cent for every dollar it spends — for the next six years. By enacting this legislation, Congress can:


Balance the budget by 2019

Reduce federal spending by $7.5 trillion over 10 years


Every family in America understands they can reduce their spending by one percent per year, and so can Congress. The One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011 provides Congress and the American people with a clear path to balance and fiscal sanity.


We call on you to support the One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011. In addition to signing the petition, help spread the word by sharing the petition with others.


Because of the bad economy a lot of Americans have had to cut back more than one percent a year.  Shouldn’t out government do the same?

True Believer: I don’t know.  A lot of people may get hurt.


Thinker: So what makes more sense; tightening our belt 1% a year for six years or continue this wild spending until we collapse and all is lost?

True Believer: I don’t think we’ll collapse.


Thinker: you need to listen to president Clinton.  He said Democrats believe in Arithmetic.  If you really do then you’ll realize something needs to be done and the best solution is not extreme.

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