Discrimination in Education

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Civil Rights, Part 3

Discrimination in Education

Thinker: One of the most problematic is in our colleges and universities. Researcher Andrew Jones of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture conducted a study of 32 of our most elite colleges and universities and here is what he found after examining over 150 departments and upper-level administrations. Democrats outnumber Republicans 10 to 1. Four of the schools (Williams, Oberlin, MIT, and Haverford) had no Republicans at all but were 100% Democrats. Let us suppose that this type of ratio in administration consisted of 10 to 1 white men over women and minorities.  Would you think that maybe someone’s civil rights were violated in the hiring and promotion process?

True Believer: Maybe, but this is different.


Thinker: Different, how?

True Believer: I know you don’t want to hear this but Democrats are just more educated and less flat earth in their thinking than Republicans and thus gravitate to the top in academic circles.


Thinker: Would you think this reason would apply if the university were 10 to 1 white men over women and minorities?

True Believer: Of course not.  For one thing it would never happen.


Thinker: You’re wrong.  It has happened.  That was the state of affairs 100 years ago.  Back then did white men dominate because they were just smarter than women and minorities as you now say about Democrats?

True Believer: He mumbles something unintelligible.


Thinker: Unfortunately you are not alone in your thinking.  Here is a quote from a liberal columnist:

“Conservatives decry the liberal bias in the universities. It is true that most college professors are liberals, but I don’t think it has anything to do with bias. It is because college professors are intelligent people, and intelligent people tend to be liberal.” David M. Perlman

True Believer: I think the guy makes a good point. After all, more liberals graduate from college than conservatives.


Thinker: They may be liberal thinking when they graduate because of the overwhelming influence of the Left but they do not stay that way. Exit polling data from the last 6 presidential elections reveals that, in all but one election, the majority of college graduates, voted Republican. According to the 2010 exit polls only 40% of the voters with a college degree were Democratic, whereas a whopping 58% of them were Republicans. But Democrats do really dominate in one area of the educated class.

True Believer: That so?


Thinker: Yes, they dominate in high school dropouts. 57% of high school dropouts who voted were Democrats and only 36% were Republicans. Link

Can you see that these facts destroy your argument that college staff are 10 to 1 Democrat because they are smarter and better educated?

True Believer: (He doesn’t see.)


Thinker: At a 2011 gathering of about 1000 social psychologists who research and write about prejudice and bias, a speaker, Jonathan Haidt, asked for a show of hands as to who was politically liberal.  Over 80% raised their hands. He then asked who was in the center or libertarian.  This time about three dozen raised their hands. Finally he asked conservatives to raise their hands. Out of the 1000 attendees a total of three people raised their hands. Does it seem right to you that only three conservatives out of a thousand are involved in determining where bias shows its head?

True Believer: Perhaps this line of endeavor just attracts more liberals.


Thinker: Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain the huge discrepancy, especially when you take into account that twice as many people in the general population identify themselves as conservatives than liberals. Perhaps another study will shed some light. A survey of social psychologists asked an interesting question,


They “asked whether, in choosing between two equally qualified job candidates for one job opening, they would be inclined to vote for the more liberal candidate (over the conservative).”


Over a third of the respondents admitted they would discriminate against hiring a conservative candidate.

People normally try to hide their prejudice so if a third admit discrimination then the actual number who do discriminate has to be much higher.

True Believer: I wouldn’t be sure on that.


Thinker: Yet you are sure that there are many more Republican racists than admit to it.

True Believer: (He is silent)


Thinker: It appears that this discrimination stretches through all fields of education. Read this quote from the New York Times:


“A study published in The Georgetown Law Journal in 2005 analyzed 11 years of federal campaign contributions by professors at the top 21 law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Almost a third of these law professors contributed to campaigns. Of those who gave $200 or more, the study found, 81 percent gave wholly or mostly to Democrats, while 15 percent gave wholly or mostly to Republicans.


“The percentages of professors contributing to Democrats were even more lopsided at some of the most prestigious schools: 91 percent at Harvard, 92 at Yale, 94 at Stanford.”


It sounds like that if you want to get on a soapbox and attack discrimination or promote civil rights that you need to start with your own – the Democrats.

True Believer: You wish.


Thinker: This discrimination affects those from the outside invited to speak to the students. Here’s some more facts you will resist:


“Young America’s Foundation’s 19th annual Commencement Speakers Survey reveals that 71 liberal speakers—and only ten conservatives—are scheduled to speak or have already spoken at the 2012 commencement ceremonies for the top 100 universities as listed by US News and World Report.


“Among the top 35 universities, only one conservative is scheduled to speak, compared to 29 liberals. Sixteen Obama administration officials and appointees will speak, more than all the conservatives combined


It certainly sounds to me that the goal of the schools dominated by the Left is to censor and filter what the students will learn for none other purpose than indoctrination into their mindset.

True Believer: Maybe we just have a point of view that the teachers and students like.


Thinker: I have to admit that this mindset of the Left does filter down to the students.  When conservatives do manage to speak at our colleges they often have to spend a lot of money on security because of the fierceness of opposition from students and faculty to them exercising their right of free speech, sometimes receiving death threats.  They are also heckled and shouted down to the extent that some cannot finish speaking. You never get this attempt to suppress speech from conservative students. Speakers from the Left, even controversial ones, are never suppressed or harassed at our institutes of learning.


True Believer: So, do you think there is a big conspiracy to eliminate the Right from education?


Thinker: It’s not a conspiracy but something out in the open for anyone who looks. When a person applies for a job at our colleges and universities they are asked to fill out applications with numerous leading questions on them or maybe write an essay on a favorite liberal topic. After studying the applicant and interviewing him or her they can pretty much spot the conservatives that need to be rejected.

True Believer: you don’t know that.


Thinker: At least this reasoning makes sense.  Your explanation is that the lack of conservative representation just happens but we know you wouldn’t be saying this if a racial minority were as underrepresented in our educational institutions as are conservatives.

True Believer: (He has no answer and changes the subject) If that’s all the discrimination you can find it isn’t much.


Thinker: You’d think it was the end of the world if it happened to your side. Unfortunately, there is much more. Conservative students often complain that they are not free to speak their mind or give honest thoughts in essays without repercussions.  Many pretend to be liberals so they can pass their classes. I didn’t reveal my political beliefs in political science classes way back in the Sixties and know the intimidation is much worse now. College Republicans are often harassed and have their literature stolen making it difficult to promote their minority views.

True Believer: Those are all anecdotal


Thinker: One thing that is not anecdotal is that only one side is taught concerning evolution and creation.

True Believer: Oh, so you are one of those.


Thinker: One of those?

True Believer: Yeah… You’ve must be one of those who are anti science and believe that God created the earth in six days about 6000 years ago.


Thinker: What makes you jump to that conclusion?

True Believer: Those who don’t want evolution taught in the schools generally think the earth was created in six days like the Bible says.


Thinker: Did I say I didn’t want evolution taught in the schools?

True Believer: That’s what I thought I heard.


Thinker: And that is why sound reasoning has so little effect on you. You hear what your bias assumes I am thinking.  Now think back.  What did I really say about evolution and creation?

True Believer: Okay, I’ll play along.  You said that only one side is taught


Thinker: Thanks for joining me in reality. Have I revealed any of my beliefs on this subject to you yet?

True Believer: You don’t have to spell them out.  You’re a conservative and most of them have a similar belief against evolution and the Magic God in the Sky who made the earth in six days.


Thinker: Oh, so all my kind are the same in your mind?  I suppose you also think all blacks eat watermelon and fried chicken.

True Believer: Of course not, but you have to admit that you conservatives have the same mindset


Thinker: That just shows how much attention you place on understanding someone who does not agree with you.  Here we’ve been discussing many subjects, spending considerable time together, and you cannot identify my belief system. I am not a conservative.

True Believer: You certainly had me fooled. Why would you defend them?


Thinker: You had yourself fooled. I’ll defend them on points with which I agree or where their views are unjustly attacked.


If I had to label myself I would be a Libertarian.  Libertarians are the sensible liberals. The word “liberal” even forms the base of our name. I believe the earth is billions of years old just as scientists say and accept that the universe and life in it evolved.

True Believer: Are you saying we are actually on the same side on this issue?


Thinker: Do you believe there was Intelligent Design involved in creation?

True Believer: No.  I don’t believe in the Magic Man In The Sky.


Thinker: Neither do I, but I do believe that creation was intelligently designed. It looks like we do not agree after all, but my main point was that you are anti civil rights and pro discrimination on this issue.

True Believer: That’s ridiculous.


Thinker: Then why are you against students being exposed to something else besides standard Darwinian evolution?

True Believer: Because the idea that the earth was created in six says is just crazy and not scientific.


Thinker: Again you are jumping to conclusions and not listening. I don’t believe the earth was created in six 24-hour days, and when you read the Hebrew the Bible doesn’t even say it either. I do believe in God and that there is Intelligent Design and the Left should not fear students being exposed to the reasoning behind it. Do you know how many Americans side with my belief on this?

True Believer: I’m sure you’ll tell me.


Thinker: According to a Gallup Poll, as of May 2011, 92% of Americans believe in God, or an Intelligent Designer.  The amusing thing is that Democrats join the Republicans on this, as 90% of them are believers. Also, a mere 17% of Democrats accept the standard theory of evolution as taught in schools. Your position on God is held by only 8% of the population.  I would say that this qualifies you as taking an extreme position.

True Believer: Accepting science is not extreme.


Thinker: But I accept proven science as well as do many other believers. We see Intelligent Design as a very logical belief, especially when you look at the complexity of a cell and the giant computer and programming in DNA. We see this as something impossible to materialize without a higher intelligence being involved.

True Believer: You haven’t studied the science or you would think differently.


Thinker: I have studied the science but the point I am making is that both sides of the intelligent design issue have their points, but students are only exposed to one side.  And would that be the side that has 92% of the people behind it or 8%?

True Believer: Thank God the minority side has prevailed.


Thinker: Thank Who?

True Believer: (Laughs) You got me on that one.  It’s just a figure of speech.


Thinker: Doesn’t it seem to be a violation of democracy, civil rights, fairness and all that is America that our kids are shielded from the reasoning behind Intelligent Design when 92% of the people believe in God?

True Believer: But my side has the truth and represents the adults in the room so this is a good thing.


Thinker: Yeah, and the Vatican scientists thought they were the adults in the room, when they tried to keep people from learning about Galileo’s discoveries. Proven scientific fact is one thing but as far as theory and speculation go, it is of extreme importance that more than one view be presented – especially if that view is accepted by over 90% of the people. Why not present all popular views with the reasoning behind them and let the students make up their minds?

True Believer: Because the idea of an intelligent designer is not scientific.


Thinker: Why not?

True Believer: Because it just isn’t.


Thinker: That’s about as unscientific of an answer as one can get. Try again.

True Believer: The scientific community has just decided that there is no evidence of an intelligent designer.


Thinker: They are wrong and I can prove to you right now that an intelligent designer exists.

True Believer: This I have to see.


Thinker: Here’s an iPod I carry with me.  Did this have an intelligent designer?

True Believer: Yes, but a human one.


Thinker: Yes, but, human or not, it still had an intelligent designer, did it not?

True Believer: Yes, but that doesn’t prove anything.


Thinker: Yes, it does.  It proves to you that intelligent designers exist just as I said.

True Believer: Yes, but humans are not the same as God.


Thinker: But they do exist as intelligence in matter, do they not? Please give me a yes or no on this.

True Believer: Yes.


Thinker: So we have definitely established that Intelligence with the power to design exists in matter. Correct?

True Believer: Yes, but what is your point?


Thinker: Is it logical to assume that in all the universe that humans are the only intelligences capable of design that exists in matter?

True Believer: They are the only ones we know about.


Thinker: Can you see intelligence?

True Believer: No but I can see humans.


Thinker: But can you see intelligence?

True Believer: I suppose not. We just see what intelligence can do through humans.


Thinker: And DNA tells us what invisible intelligence has designed through other means

True Believer: Ever hear of natural selection?


Thinker: Of course, but the point I am directing us to is that this argument has two sides.  You and I can explore them but for students this is not allowed. One side of an argument is usually wrong but no one will know which side makes the most sense if only one side is heard.


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