True Civil Rights

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Civil Rights, Part 2

True Civil Rights


Thinker: The root of the problem, my friend is that people do not think about where the line needs to be drawn. Instead, they are motivated by what they want and demonize those who think differently from themselves.

True Believer: If you are so smart then you tell me where the line should be drawn?


Thinker: It’s quite simple.  It should be drawn by the will of the people. If the majority support gays being able to marry and changing the definition of words then they have a case, but if the majority is against it then they do not. If someone believes their cause is just and they are in a minority then they should seek to educate and persuade the people, working with their free will.

True Believer: What if the majority wanted something that was very extreme?


Thinker: The majority never moves to the extreme.  Majority will always resides between the two extremes. Both extremes want their own will, often at the expense of the majority.

True Believer: The majority supported slavery.  How did that work out?


Thinker: The majority didn’t support slavery.  Two thirds of the states rejected slavery before the Civil War. Those who did accept it mainly did so because of tradition. Since the Civil War the majority opinion has shifted to where you can’t find an American who supports slavery. When the majority is fed the right information they move in the right direction.

True Believer: If you were told you couldn’t marry you would see this issue in a new light.


Thinker: If I were told I couldn’t have a piece of paper, which is a marriage certificate, but could still have a marriage partner then I wouldn’t see much to complain about. Unlike a real civil rights violation, like slavery, nothing much would change. My life would go on as normal and I would see no reason to get on a soapbox.


True Believer: Well, you’re really going to be disappointed when gay marriage becomes a universal right.


Thinker: Why do you say that?

True Believer: Because you obviously have an Old Testament view on gays and do not want them to marry.


Thinker: What makes you say that?

True Believer: Because you are talking against gay marriage.


Thinker: What makes you say that?

True Believer: Because you are.


Thinker: Name one thing I said that was against gay marriage.

True Believer: You said a lot of things.


Thinker: Then you should be able to name one.

True Believer: You said a polygamist should be able to marry if a gay can.


Thinker: Correct. I think they have as much right as gays to marry.  Why does this tell you I am against gay marriage?

True Believer: He is unable to give an intelligent answer.


Thinker: You have a problem with me, and people like me, and here it is.  If a person does not agree with a person on the Left 100% they immediately see him as an enemy that has terrible views and they stereotype him as an extremist. This is one of the reasons we have such a powerful political divide at present. Instead of seeking to understand each other too many seek to demonize each other. Obviously, you do not have a clue what I think of gay marriage since you associated me with Old Testament beliefs. Use your mind.  Think.  What do you believe my real stand is?

True Believer: You’ve got me confused.  I am not sure.


Thinker: I do not care about gay marriage. I don’t see enough civil rights being involved to make me concerned and I am not bothered if they make the laws for or against as long as it doesn’t cost the majority extra hard earned money.

True Believer: So your support of civil rights is determined by whether it costs you money?


Thinker: Apparently you are oblivious as to where our disagreement is.  You think I am anti civil rights and anti gay marriage and you are not correct. The difference is that you have found some type of civil right in gay marriage but I can’t find anything to get upset about.  If I did I would be willing to fight for them. Because I do not care I will be happy to support majority will on the issue.  Right now the majority will is against gay marriage but that could change.


Then there are a lot of other supposed civil rights issues that go against the majority will that is getting way too much traction by the Left.

True Believer: Like what?


Thinker: There are a lot of them that think animals have the same rights as humans.

True Believer: They do in some cases.


Thinker: They are not self aware so they have no sense of rights. Instead, we have a responsibility assist them in a reasonable manner.  Others think that trees have rights and should not be cut down

True Believer: In many cases they shouldn’t be.


Thinker: Again, we have a responsibility to work in harmony with nature but it’s not because trees have rights.  We have a right to cut trees down and use them if the whole benefits.


Here are other supposed rights the Left attempts to champion that goes against majority will.


  • They want the Catholic Church to violate their beliefs and supply free birth control to women.
  •  They want the right to tell citizens they cannot smoke on their own property.
  •  They think we have a right to vote in elections without proving we are citizens.
  •  Most of the Left believe they have a right to take other people’s money and use it for themselves so they can have free healthcare, a guaranteed job, a guaranteed wage, guaranteed benefits, guaranteed paid vacations and much more.


Do you know what the big problem is with all these civil rights ideas of the Left?

True Believer: What?


Thinker: They take away more civil rights than they give.  This was not the case with civil rights that were championed by the Right.  The end of slavery granted civil rights without taking any away from anyone.  So did ending eugenics and granting the right to vote. When a supposed civil right takes away more freedom than it grants then it is not a civil right worth supporting. If the government can dictate to Catholics to change their doctrine on contraceptives then what is to stop them from telling Baptists that they cannot declare that Jesus is their Savior because people will be offended?  A true civil right must give more freedom than it takes away or the doorway to tyranny opens.

True Believer: At least we are trying to accomplish some extra progress in civil rights.  The Right is doing nothing but criticizing us.


Thinker: A lot of what you call civil rights these days is quite subtle and as far as this thinking goes the Right suffers a lot more civil rights violations than the Left.

True Believer: He laughs.  You must be joking.


Thinker: Your laughter just shows how oblivious you are to the half of the population you demonize.

True Believer: Okay, I’ll bite Mr. privileged white guy.  Where are your civil rights violated?


Thinker: So are Caucasian liberals such as yourself not white then?

True Believer: Not as white as you.


Thinker: Do you think we can carry on a conversation without your insults on imaginary racism?

True Believer: You guys need to be reminded of the problem.


Thinker: But you are creating additional racial problems with your mindless insults against people like me who are not the problem.

True Believer: You are part of the problem.


Thinker: Unfortunately for you, you cannot articulate even a feeble argument on that point. Now let’s move on. You wanted to know of civil rights problems on the Right.

True Believer: I’d love to hear it.


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