Attacks of Racism, Part 3

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Questions for Political True Believers, Part 7

Where are the Haters?

Thinker: So let’s hear your current complaints of racism from the Right. We’ve already covered your code words accusations and I’ve illustrated that this is entirely without merit.  What else do you have?

True Believer: Your side supports and participates in all kinds of hate groups who are not only racist but are against civil rights of all kinds.


Thinker: Let’s go step by step here. First, what is your definition of a hate group?

True Believer: It’s a group that incites people to hate.


Thinker: Hate what?

True Believer: To hate blacks, minorities and people that are different from themselves.


Thinker: A lot of Democrats hate conservatives that are different from them – such as Rush Limbaugh.  Are they a hate group then?

True Believer: No.  Of course not


Thinker: Then could you give me an example of a real hate group that is accepted by the Right?

True Believer: The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of them and I think they have over 1000 of them on their list so far.


Thinker: Yes, they are recognized by many on the Left as the main entity with authority to label which organizations are hate groups and which are not. Indeed, some of the groups they label as hateful are deserving of the label such as the KKK, Neo Nazis and skinheads but then it turns around and labels fairly harmless groups such as the Tea Party Nation – they attack James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family,” many harmless patriot groups, and just about every conservative of national reputation.


Their problem is that many of their targeted hate groups, which are truly offensive to the general public, are very small.  Some are composed of one person or have such a nebulous existence they don’t even have a mailing address. For a group like the Southern Poverty Law Center  to justify its existence it needs a conspicuous enemy to fight. The Klan is reduced to about 2000 members nationwide and encountering a Neo Nazi or skinhead is very rare. Since the truly repugnant groups are very small they have to label more mainstream groups as haters to justify their existence. If you surf through their site you’ll note that almost all their attacks are directed at the Right, but there are some hate groups conspicuously missing.

True Believer: And that would be?


Thinker: I don’t see left wing hate groups on their list, the most prominent one missing is the Occupy Wall Street bunch.

True Believer: What makes you think they are haters?


Thinker: Because they say they are.  Just listen to them for five minutes and you will hear lots of hateful remarks toward the One Percent, Wall Street, capitalists, bankers and conservatives to name a few. In particular, they hate the One Percent with more venom than any white supremist hates minorities. Maybe that’s why David Duke, the American Nazi Party, and the Communist party endorsed them. The Southern Poverty Law Center places themselves in good strange company indeed when they defend OWS rather than place them in hate group status where they belong.

True Believer: I think you’re exaggerating.


Thinker: So you think they love the wealthiest one percent then?

True Believer: Well, no.


Thinker: Then there are a number of hateful environmental groups such as Earth First that started the life-threatening tree spiking and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) that set fire to businesses that it hated. Then there are animal rights groups such as PETA and Code Pink which hate and attack people who wear furs or animal skins. The point is that if the Tea Party is to be included as a hate group then certainly a number of liberal groups should be included or it is obvious that such labelers are practicing partisan politics.

True Believer: You may have a point but I think the Tea Party needs to be classified as a hate group.  I can’t stand them.


Thinker: Would you say you hate them then?

True Believer: (He almost answers and catches himself.)  Setting a trap for me I see.


Thinker: Actually you almost made my point in that a group is classified as a hate group by the Left if they hate them. In other words, most of the hate comes from the labelers not the ones being labeled. Do you see the Right labeling someone as a hater just because we disagree with them?

True Believer: I’m sure they do.


Thinker: If they do it is very rare.  If we disagree with someone we merely create an argument for our view and try to enlighten them as I am doing with you. Isn’t that a better path than my labeling you as a hater in an attempt to dismiss your value?

True Believer: Maybe, but both sides are guilty of stereotyping and labeling.


Thinker: But it is pretty much exclusively your side that labels their opposition as racists.  This attack from you is the reason we are having this current conversation. I would not have brought up the fact that the Left has a much more racist past than the Right if you had not drawn first blood.

True Believer: You have to admit though that your side is more racist now than the Democrats.


Thinker: That list from the Southern Poverty Law Center is certainly no proof of what you say. None of the mainstream people on either side endorse the truly objectionable groups on the list. Got any other reasons why you think the Right is racist?

True Believer: yes, I do. For one thing your talk radio icons are always spewing out hate and racism. The main ones are, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. Then there are many other lesser known names.


Thinker: I’ve listen to all three of these guys since they were first on the air. I don’t agree 100% with any of them but they are all intelligent, make good points and bring some balance to the majority of the media, which presents the Left’s point of view. Let’s start with Rush. I have listened to him for over 20 years and haven’t heard him make one definite racist remark.  If he was a true racist, don’t you think that I would have heard something beyond your imaginary code words?

True Believer: His racist remarks have gone over your head because you’re a…  You think just like he does.


Thinker: You were going to call me a racist, weren’t you?

True Believer: You don’t know that.


Thinker: I do know that. The racism thinking is so ingrained in your blood that you are ready to accuse anyone who disagrees with you.

True Believer: Well, the truth is that if you are a big Rush supporter then you must be a racist.


Thinker: Have you ever called Rush to get on his show?

True Believer: Of course not.  He wouldn’t accept my call if I did.


Thinker: Actually he likes to talk to liberals and places them at the top of the list. It’s the highlight of many of his shows when he argues with the opposition. But let us suppose you did call his show. Before you talk to Rush you must first make it by his call screener – the guy who must give the green light to anyone allowed to talk to Rush.  Do you know who that is?

True Believer: I have no idea, but based on what I have heard of his show he must be a racist also.


Thinker: The person who makes the decision as to who will go on the air with Rush is an African American.

True Believer: That’s hard to believe.


Thinker: His screen name is Bo Snerdley but his real name is James Golden. He likes to emphasize that he is a real African, descended from slave blood. He’s not only worked for Rush for about 20 years but they are best friends.  Here’s a picture of them both together at Rush’s wedding.

True Believer: He probably keeps him on staff just so he can parade a black man around to hide his racism.


Thinker: Yea, and I’m sure you have gay friends to hide your homophobia.

True Believer: That’s ridiculous!


Thinker: You don’t like it when you are dished out your own medicine, do you?

True Believer: It’s different.  Everyone knows that Rush is a racist.


Thinker: No, everyone doesn’t know.  In fact no one knows because it just is not true. If Rush wanted to hire a token black for show he certainly wouldn’t give him the most important job on his staff who screens all his calls. And secondly, he rarely mentions that he is black.  I think I listened to his show for a couple years before I even knew. Their relationship just comes across as two people who would be good friends, regardless of race.

True Believer: Well, there’s always a few Uncle Toms around who go against the welfare of their own kind.


Thinker: If you called Mr. Golden an Uncle Tom to his face you may find yourself wetting your pants shortly thereafter. What else you got against Rush, outside of mindless name-calling?

True Believer: ESPN fired Rush for his racist remarks against quarterback Donavan McNabb.  You can’t say that never happened.


Thinker: Yes, Rush gave an opinion about the African American quarterback and he was fired for it. No one on the staff seemed bothered by it when the remark was made, not even the blacks.  It wasn’t until his comment got into the hands of his enemies that the problem occurred. But is giving an opinion of the skills of a black quarterback a racist thing?

True Believer: It’s the way he gave his opinion.


Thinker: well, let’s look at it.  I’ve just Googled it and here is his actual statement:


“I don’t think he’s [Donovan McNabb] been that good from the get-go.  I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL.  I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.  They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.  I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.   The defense carried this team.”


Rush asserts here that McNabb didn’t deserve all the credit he had been given because so many are trying to be politically correct because of his race. There’s no way to prove this statement true or false but it is certainly a valid opinion.  A lot of people give African Americans the benefit of the doubt when they are breaking new ground. Just consider the number of people who voted for Obama just because he would be the first black president.

True Believer: I’m not so sure about that.


Thinker: Then why did 87% of Democrat black primary voters cast their ballots for Obama over Hillary when they shared similar politics?

True Believer: I can’t say.


Thinker: Obviously it was that they wanted to elect the first black president. Why do you think it is racist to merely give an opinion on this proven phenomenon?

True Believer: Rush was denigrating an African American.


Thinker: So, if someone gives an opinion that a person succeeds because he is a member of the “good old boys network” does this mean he is sexist and anti male?

True Believer: Not really.


Thinker: Then Rush or anyone else should be able to give an opinion of anyone’s talents without being accused of being racist, sexist, anti gay or whatever, right?

True Believer: It depends.


Thinker: Yeah, I know, it depends on what you think as a judge of others. Rush should have been aware that he had a target on his back and shouldn’t have mentioned race at all if he wanted to keep out of trouble, but is it fair that conservatives have to be so much more sensitive than liberals to avoid being attacked?

True Believer: I don’t think that’s the case.


Thinker: Is Vice President Joe Biden a racist?

True Believer: Of course not.


Thinker: Here is what he said of Obama before the 2008 election: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” If Rush had said that then you would be saying that he was implying that most blacks are not clean and bright and therefore he is a racist.

True Believer: I don’t think so.


Thinker: And I don’t think you know your own thoughts. Did you watch the Olympics where the African American girl won the gold for gymnastics?

True Believer: Yes, I did.  I was proud of her.


Thinker: And what would you have thought if Rush had done a story on her and followed it with a monkey doing gymnastics?

True Believer: That would be pretty racist all right.


Thinker: Well that’s just what NBC did.  Take a look at the video on the Dailykos, one of your favorite liberal websites:

True Believer: That was a mistake all right but I agree with some of the comments there that placing the two clips together side by side was unintentional and not racist.


Thinker: Yet for something not nearly as egregious you are not willing to give Rush the same benefit of the doubt, and why?  Because he does not agree with you. That is pretty sad when you think of it.

True Believer: You’re the sad one because you do not have the ability to see racism.


Thinker: I could make the same points by defending Glenn Beck and Hannity. Neither one has a racist bone in their bodies.  The problem is that the Left hates them and transcribes every single word spoken by every famous conservative in search of offensive remarks.  These guys speak millions of words and every million words or so you’re going to find a statement, word or phrase that sounds a little strange.  You know why?

True Believer: why?


Thinker: Because they are fallible human beings just like yourself. Have you noticed that conservatives do not comb through every word spoken by Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Colbert and others looking for mistakes?

True Believer: They probably do.


Thinker: They don’t but only comment on outrageous things that get into mainstream circulation.  When I watch these guys I see a lot of things that could be used to accuse them that the Right pays no attention to. It appears to me that the Left is just nit-picking and if they cannot find a major point on which to accuse they’ll blow up small ones.


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