Attacks of Racism, Part 1

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Questions for Political True Believers, Part 5

Speaking in Code?

True Believer: You conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and Obama haters are just a bunch of racist bigots.


Thinker: The first thing to clear up is that I do not hate Obama, neither do any Republicans, libertarians or conservatives I know.  We just disagree with him. Do you hate people with whom you disagree?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: Then what makes you think you are so morally superior to conservatives?

True Believer: I don’t


Thinker: That is what you are projecting.  When conservatives disagree you call them haters but when you disagree you say you do not hate.  That can only be because you think you are morally superior.

True Believer: You guys do more than disagree.  You reek of hatred and racism.


Thinker: Can you give one example?

True Believer: How about where your bunch disrupted a town hall by passing out pictures of Obama made to look like Hitler?


Thinker: Are you talking about the rather famous Barney Frank town hall where he accosted the complainers?

True Believer: Yes.


Thinker: They were angry Democrats and they passed out a lot of Hitler/Obama posters and flyers. The woman Barney argued with was Rachel Brown, a Democrat who ran against Frank in the Democratic primary in Massachusetts. She was concerned about Hitler type death panels because of Obamacare.

True Believer: You got to be kidding.


Thinker: Why?  Do you think only conservatives make nasty signs?  You ought to go to the protests of the Left and compare their signs with Tea Partiers.

True Believer: I know I’ve seen pictures of some really hateful signs from the Tea Party.


Thinker: There were millions of people with millions of signs in the Tea Party and with such numbers involved there are bound to be a few in bad taste. I’ve been to a number of Tea Party marches and haven’t seen any bad ones. Overall they are a well-behaved bunch, but if the media finds anything negative they’ll make a big deal about it while ignoring the infractions of the liberal marchers. Have you ever actually seen a Tea Party person in your home town do something hateful?

True Believer: No, but I’ve seen stuff on the internet.


Thinker: And I’ve seen all kinds of hate from the Left.  Once you get millions of people involved in something from any background you’re going to have a few problem people. But labeling a whole group of people as haters or racist because of something one out of a million do makes no sense.  Wouldn’t you agree?

True Believer: It’s not the big things you people do.  You may not dress in sheets and burn crosses but you are guilty of a lot of subtle racism and hate.


Thinker: First, let me point out that the KKK was a Democratic organization.  Secondly the attack of subtle racism is dubious at best.  Give me an example.

True Believer: Just look at how strongly the Right has rejected Obama.  It’s got to be because he is black.


Thinker: And why did we also strongly reject most everything Clinton tried to impose on us? Was it because he was white?

True Believer: No.


Thinker: We also rejected Hillary’s health care plan.  Was that because she was a woman?

True Believer: Could be.


Thinker: Can’t you just accept that we reject policies we do not like and that has nothing to do with race or gender?

True Believer: It’s the actions you take and the words you use that makes you seem racist.


Thinker: Like what.

True Believer: Like you call the healthcare plan Obamacare.  That is disrespectful and subtle racism.


Thinker: And you call Romney’s health plan Romneycare. Does that make you a racist?

True Believer: That’s different.  Romney is white.


Thinker: Exactly.  By your standards you are racist against white people. You must also be biased against people with good hair like Romney’s. Can’t you see that your accusations have no merit?

True Believer: You can’t see their merit because of your own prejudice.


Thinker: Then why do I love Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain and Justice Thomas who are all black?

True Believer: You support token blacks to hide your racism.


Thinker: Sounds like you agree with Janeane Garofalo who said: “Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party.” Source Link

True Believer: I think she has it right.


Thinker: And is that why Democrats voted for Obama – to hide their racism?

True Believer: Of course not – that’s silly.


Thinker: And to us your accusations are at least as ridiculous.

True Believer: You guys just don’t acknowledge all your coded words and phrases you use to communicate your subtle racism. We call it a dog whistle approach to racism.


Thinker: Care to explain what you mean by that?

True Believer: It’s simple really.  When a dog owner blows the dog whistle, the dog hears it and understands but no one else does. Even so, the Right uses words and phrases in their communications that their members fully understand as discrimination against minorities but is intended to go over the heads of liberals.


Thinker: Sounds like the opposite is true.  Your side is picking up some type of dog whistle of which we are completely unaware. I’ve been on the Right all my life and I’ve never been communicated to with your dog whistle formula. I think it is a product of your wild imagination.

True Believer: Like I said, it is subtle and you have received many such communications but just didn’t consciously understand.


Thinker: And if I don’t consciously understand a communication then it has not been communicated.  Is this statement not correct?

True Believer: But many things you do not consciously register subconsciously influence you. Advertising is a good example.


Thinker: But I don’t drink Coke unless I consciously decide that is want I want and like. You are really stretching your use of logic here.  Give me an example of this dog whistle racist communication.

True Believer: Okay.  For example, when the Right talks about “States’ Rights,” they are not really referring to powers of individual state governments, but communicating to conservatives “code words” for institutionalized segregation and racism


Thinker: You’re going back to Civil War times for this correspondence. Like I said your side indeed has a wild imagination.  When I hear someone talking about  States’ Rights I merely hear “States’ Rights,” which has nothing to do with racism. No one in the mainstream right or left wants to institutionalize segregation or other racist acts. I think your side has created a very disingenuous red herring here. Got any other code words I should know about?

True Believer: “Tax cuts” or “spending cuts” are code for “Let’s cut benefits to minorities.”


Thinker: Wow.  Does your side have a room full of crazy people dedicated to thinking this stuff up? First, those on the Right are much more concerned about tax dollars going toward waste and well-heeled bureaucrats than the poor. Most of us support some sort of safety net for the down-and-out but do not like the inefficient way our money is spent.  When we talk of tax and spending cuts we are merely taking tax and spending cuts, not the removal of safety nets. Got anything else?

True Believer: There are a lot of them. I am surprised you are so oblivious to them.  Here are just a few additional racist code words, “welfare queen,”  “Islamic terrorist,” “uppity,” “thug,” “tough on crime,” “illegal alien,” “community organizer,” “quotas,”  “the food stamp president,” and “affirmative action” to name a few.


Thinker: Where do I start? I don’t hear “welfare queen” used much but how can it be racist when there are more whites on welfare than blacks?

True Believer: Conservatives are thinking of minorities when they say it.


Thinker: So you know our innermost thoughts now. Tell me.  What color am I thinking?

True Believer: That’s different.


Thinker: Not really.  Do you know the last person who I recall being called a welfare queen?

True Believer: I can’t read your mind.


Thinker: But you just claimed that ability.  Anyway the answer is the Octomom.  And what color was she?

True Believer: Silence.


Thinker: I asked, what color is she?

True Believer: White, but you’re missing my point.


Thinker: I’m making my point.  I could go through any phrase you make up and illustrate the fallacy behind it. Do you know where this dog whistle idea really comes from?

True Believer: Not sure.


Thinker:  The Left’s wild imagination and do you know why that imagination runs wild?

True Believer: You tell me.


Thinker: Because reality doesn’t work for them.  They cannot argue with what is, so they have to create an alternate reality that matches their mindset.

True Believer: I don’t think so.


Thinker: I know you don’t. But I will credit the Left with one thing.

True Believer:  What’s that?


Thinker: They are not subtle.  Instead of using code words accusing us of being racist they just come out and say it.  They just starkly attack us.

True Believer: That’s because we are honest.


Thinker: No.  It’s because you are deceived and mean spirited. When we try and be polite in return you think we are using code words and are attacking just as you are. But if we really want to attack you then there will be no code. We’ll use the real words with real meaning.

True Believer: Like what?


Thinker: Like you are in the land of make-believe with your illusionary accusations and dog whistle, Peter Pan, Doctor Seuss code words.

True Believer: I don’t think so.


Thinker: I know. I feel for you – you poor mislead soul.


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