The Illusion of Attacks, Part 5E

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The Greatest of Illusions

If any person of average intelligence were to come across a robot like Iiiir, an iPad 7 or even a iPad 3 he would naturally conclude that they were not put together by random acts of unintelligent forces.  He would naturally and correctly assume they had a creator, and Intelligent Designer.

Yet just one ingredient in a cell, the DNA is as complex as the iPad 7 mentioned in our previous story. Dr. Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D. of Physics from Stanford says that the odds of 3 billion randomly arranged base-pairs matching human DNA is about the same as drawing the ace of spades one billion times in a row from randomly shuffled decks of cards.

One would think that anyone not steeped in dogmatic belief would instantly conclude that such complexity as even a third generation iPad had a designer.  When one looks at this subject dispassionately he has to ask: how in the world intelligent people can come to the conclusion that something as complex as life (which thousands of years of science has not even been able to copy, let alone create from scratch) came together with no intelligence involved. How did intelligence come from a source of no intelligence?

How could anyone of even low intelligence stumble across an iPad 7, or a human cell, and conclude that random forces created either one of them?  Why would anyone of any intelligence above a lab rat even consider such an outlandish thing?  It is truly amazing ignorance when you think about it.

A mystery almost as intriguing as the meaning of life is why many of us humans incorporate such strange lack of logic into our belief systems. Here are some products of such illusions:

• The Jonestown group drank poison Kool-Aide because it made sense to them.

• The Heaven’s Gate cult believed that castration and suicide would cause them to board a friendly alien spaceship.

• Many in politics act as if we can live on borrowed money forever.

• On one side of the spectrum we have those who believe that humans have been on earth no longer than 6000 years and the universe was created shortly before that.  This runs contrary to overwhelming evidence.

• On the other side, orthodoxy believes that civilized humanity has been here around 10,000 years and primitive upright man for up to 1.6 million years. They refuse to look at evidence to the contrary. For instance, Michael Cremo has presented overwhelming evidence that intelligent humans have been here, not 10,000, but many millions of years yet evidence that runs contrary to belief is just ignored by them just as with evangel Christians.  Orthodoxy also rejected evidence presented by Velikovsky or fairly recent upheavals not in alignment with belief systems. Velikovsky so terrified them that they sought to ban his books and even prevent their publication. Some of this bunch make fundamental Christians look like the tolerant ones.

• On one side, some outright reject all ingredients in the Theory of Evolution.

• On the other side, some outright accept all ingredients. even those that run contrary to known evidence.

The mother of all illusions is that something more complex than an iPad 7, or our friend Iiiir, could just appear on the earth created by itself with no intelligent design involved.  What could be behind this greatest of all blunders of logic?

There are several things at play here.

1. Refusal to recognize unknown intelligence.

If the skeptic stumbles across a computer in a forest he recognizes that this is an intelligently designed machine that a human can make. He therefore assumes it did not create itself but had an intelligent human designer and creator

However, a human cannot create a living cell and such a designer of this had to have been way beyond present human intelligence. Many just outright refuse to admit that any intelligence above human can even exist.

2. You find what you are looking for.

Because of a refusal to consider higher intelligence at play another explanation must be discovered. And this brings into play a universal principle, which is “you find what you look for.” It doesn’t matter how illogical, illusio atheismnary or deluded your belief is, you will find evidence to support it if you look for it.

First, let us take a belief in the opposite direction of the atheist. The Christian fundamentalist is often ridiculed by him for his belief that the universe is no older than 10,000 years. Obviously, he has no reason, logic or science in his explanation of this idea, right?

Not right.  There are some with PhDs in various categories of science who believe in a young universe and have concocted plausible explanations that satisfy them.

For instance, let us take an accepted fact that seems to prove the universe is billions of years old.  We have observed galaxies over 13 billion light years away.  This means that their light was emitted 13 billion years ago giving proof that it existed in ancient history

“Incorrect,” says the fundamentalist. He has examined the recorded speed of light since it was first measured and discovered some early measurements that recorded the speed of light as faster than it is now. He therefore, has concocted an explanation that the speed of light is slowing down and was infinitely faster when God created the Universe and light from all the galaxies arrived here on earth almost immediately after creation.

Now to the dispassionate scientist early difference in the measurement of the speed of light would be chalked up to common human error but not for a young earth creationist. Because this leads in the direction he is looking for he gloms on to it with gusto, searches for more evidence and finds it.

The atheist does the same thing in following his belief system. Many see the God described by the various religions as something entirely undesirable as well as illogical and have no desire to believe in anything like it. Thus when it comes to explaining the development of life he does not look in the direction of intelligent design but for confirmation that random force could be responsible.

Just like the Christian fundamentalist finds evidence against common logic even so does the atheist find evidence that goes against the thinking of 90% of his fellow believing citizens. After coming up with lengthy explanations as to why natural selection and random occurrences could create life he becomes satisfied that unintelligent matter could come together and create not only a cell and DNA but an intelligent mind that is capable of intelligent design.

If this same mindset were applied to explaining how an iPad could be created by chance then we would be surprised at how credible it would sound. Some explanations would be so good that many would doubt that Steve Jobs was real and that truly the iPad just appeared through the workings of natural forces.

3. Can’t see the forest for the trees.

I have no intention of going into detail in presenting detailed evidence of intelligent design or refuting the other side. Many books have been written on the subject pro and con.

If we had a complex computer in front of us should it be necessary to take it apart and take a whole book explaining step by step by why the circuits, the motherboard, the memory, the processor, the software etc had to have an intelligent designer or lack thereof?

No.  That’s looking at the trees.  The forest to see is the wholeness of the computer itself.  Even so, the wholeness for us, as far as creation goes, is the miracle and complexity of life itself. When you look at the forest of creation it becomes obvious that there was some type of higher intelligence at work in our creation.

Most religions teach that the intelligent life of God is omnipresent in the universe just as our individual lives are omnipresent in our bodies.  It seems unbelievable to atheists that God could live as intelligence in matter but such unbelievers do not stop and think that such a belief is an insult to themselves.  Why?  Because they believe they are intelligent and they live in matter, which is a physical body.

We know for sure that intelligence can live in matter because we humans are intelligent beings living in matter.

Why cannot a higher form of intelligence occupy a greater body of matter, which we call the universe?

I wait for an intelligent reason why this would not be true…



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