The Illusion of Attacks, Part 5D

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The iPad 7

When one reads the story about The Atheist in the previous post and then sees the surprise ending even the most ardent adversary of Intelligent Design sees the obvious.  Of course, Iiiir had a creator for a sophisticated robot could not have materialized any other way.  This merely illustrates the great blind spot of many scientists today who are in the dark just as Iiiir was.

Let us envision our friend Bob taking a stroll though a forest one day enjoying the scenery and suddenly stumbles across a strange shiny object.  He picks it up and is amazed to see that it looks like a brand new iPad.  He examines it further and finds a strange inscription.  It says “iPad 7.”  It was strange enough for Bob to find a new iPad but the latest version available is the third generation, not the seventh.

Bob tries to turn it on but nothing happens. He thinks it may be an empty shell left as a joke so he takes it to his friend, Bill, who is a computer genius. Bill takes it apart and tells Bob that he has indeed found a wondrous instrument, not only with technology far exceeding iPad 3 but more sophisticated than anything he has seen. The only problem is that he cannot turn it on either.

Bob takes the device home and puts it over the fireplace as a good conversation piece.

A week late Bob goes for another walk and to his amazement he discovers another iPad that looks exactly like his first discovery.  Again it is labeled “iPad 7.” He picks it up and attempts to get it to work.  This time the screen comes on, but that is all that happens.

Again, he takes it to his friend, Bill.  He examines it thoroughly and tells Bob that this one does turn on but it doesn’t do anything.

Bob asks why.

Bill explains that the device has no software and none of the current software for the iPad 3 can be loaded into it. Apparently, it needs software designed for its advanced operating system.

Bob takes this one home and puts it above his bed.

A few weeks later Bob goes for another walk and stumbles across a third iPad. He was hesitant to pick it up for he thought someone was messing with his mind. Curiosity finally got the best of him and he grabbed the object and again saw the same label.

After playing with it he managed to turn it on but this time instead of a blank screen he saw a kaleidoscope of colors and then suddenly in front of him he saw a hologram of Steve Jobs.

“How do you like the iPad 7?” asked Jobs.

Bob was flabbergasted.  All he could think of to say was, “It’s okay, I guess. What does it do?”

“It does things that the early iPad designers never imagined, but this model does something that even amazes me. It duplicates itself.”

“That would be amazing,” said Bob.  “This I’d like to see.”

“No problem, said Jobs. Just lay it on the ground and give the command, ‘iPad, duplicate!’”

Bob nervously laid it on the ground and gave the command.  Immediately the screen turned into a dark hole and the earth started to shake. Suddenly, materials were pulled into the hole that was the screen.  Bob saw some dirt, leaves, grass, some twigs and even a squirrel absorbed by the strange hole. Then the iPad grew in size until an amazing thing happened.  It split in two like pictures Bob had seen of cells dividing. Within a few minutes there were two shiny iPads there in front of him.  Bill picked them both up and dropped one off to his friend Bill.

Bill then said to Bob, “Where in the world do you suppose this iPad came from?”

“Beats me, said Bob.  For all I know the wind and forces of nature created it.  It was just lying there in the middle of nowhere.

“We know that can’t be true,” said Bill.  “This was obviously designed by an intelligence beyond what we have available today. I know this sounds crazy but the only explanation I can think of is there was some type of hole in the space-time continuum and the iPads from the future came through it.

“You’re right,” said Bob. “Obviously this was designed by someone and I’d really like to know who.

Bob and Bill then used the duplicate feature to make new iPads and gave them to their friends.  Their friends did the same thing and within two weeks there were two billion iPad 7s in use on planet earth.

At that time Bill was sitting quietly pondering and thought to himself, “Two billion sounds like a lot but this body of mine has the duplication process beat.  It has ten trillion cells with DNA as sophisticated as the iPad7. Ten trillion is 5000 times as many as two billion. Even more intriguing is that the human cell uses even greater technology than the ipad7. Could either one of these have been developed by some type of natural selection?  I don’t think so.”


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