The Illusion in Attacks, Part 5B

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God, Evolution and Intelligent design, Part 2

Finding the Unscientific

So… are the Left justified in calling the Right unscientific and by extension, dumb and backward?

Unscientific, maybe but name-calling is rarely something that can be justified.  Instead of “dumb” it would be much more civil to merely point out how one thinks the poor soul is misled. On the other hand, if someone calls me dumb I am not likely to just sit there and take it but will illustrate to the mean spirited attacker that if anyone deserves the name it is him. I will not retaliate with, “You are dumb too,” but will throw back evidence that he would win the dumb contest if he wants to challenge me.

The Right is accused of being backward and unscientific for many of their beliefs springing from spiritual inclinations, even though many Democrats share these beliefs. They are accused of being unscientific and irrational concerning the following:

(1) A belief in God or a Higher power.

(2) The type of belief they have in God. For instance, some are accused of believing in a Santa Claus in the Sky

(3) A belief in Intelligent Design

(4) Not accepting the Theory of Evolution

(5) Believing the earth and the universe is less than 10,000 years old.

(6) Believing in prayer

(7) Believing in miracles

(8) A belief in the miraculous Bible stories.

So, are these beliefs in harmony with science and reason or not? Let us go through and examine them.

(1) A belief in God or a Higher power. A belief in God (shared by over 90% of Republicans and Democrats) is not so irrational as accused.  If it is irrational then 90% of the people are also in this category. We’ll discuss this shortly.

(2) The type of belief they have in God.

I must admit that some religious views of God do not make a lot of sense and are not in harmony with science but such views are had by all political persuasions. I’m not about to brand someone as dumb because they have a belief I consider to be unscientific or illogical. I’ve met many people, some of them scientists, who have strange views about God yet are very intelligent in many other departments of their life.

If the subject of God comes up I will be happy to present my views but will try to respect the other person’s overall intelligence by not attacking him as being dumb for his beliefs.

Most people have a blind spot in one or more subjects of study and this includes those pointing fingers of disdain at spiritual believers.

(3) A belief in Intelligent Design. To believe that an intelligence designed a thing (like DNA) that has intricate designs built in is not irrational.  We’ll discuss this more later.

(4) Not accepting the Theory of Evolution

To outright reject all evolution is not logical or scientific and some fundamental religious people do take this stand.  But to reject or voice skepticism toward certain parts of the theory which have not been proven is not irrational.

(5) Believing the earth and the universe is less than 10,000 years old.

This is definitely nor in harmony with science which has presented overwhelming evidence that the universe is billions of years old. We have observed galaxies, the light of which has taken 13 billion years to reach us.

(6) Believing in prayer.

There have been scientific studies of prayer with mixed results.  It may indeed be true that the majority of prayers accomplish very little but now and then a significant miracle happens in association with prayer. I’ve had miraculous things happen a number of times so I know whereof I speak, but I couldn’t reproduce them on demand for a scientific study.

It is a scientific fact that we do not know all the powers of the mind and spirit so let us leave believers to their peaceable prayers and lay low on the insults.

(7) Believing in miracles

Many people, including myself, have experienced miracles. A Newsweek poll from May 1, 2000 reveals that 63% of the people know someone who has experienced a miracle. The witnesses to miracles are too numerous to discount them all. Even so, the existence of miracles are difficult to prove one way or another except perhaps the miracle of a mother giving birth to new life.  That’s about as miraculous as the parting of the Red Sea.

(8) A belief in the miraculous Bible stories.

There are some pretty fantastic stories in the Bible but truth is often stranger than fiction and the Newsweek poll found that 79% of the public accept the Bible miracles as real. If you listen to the media you’d think the poll results would be the reverse of that.

Now let us pick the core of all spiritual belief and ask ourselves if it violates science and logic to believe in a Higher Power or an Intelligent Designer.


The Basic God

First let us discuss the possibility that God exists.  To do this let us first define what we are looking for.  Since there are many different interpretations of God, many of them fanciful and difficult to accept, let us narrow the field down to its most basic elements.

Here are basic ingredients that all believers accept as aspects of God.

(1) He/She/It is a higher power

(2) It possesses higher intelligence than humans.

(3) It is capable of designing matter so it can be activated with life and duplicate itself.

(4) It can communicate with its creations.

Yes, we could create a much larger list if we polled various ministers but that’s not desired here. We want to get the essence that is accepted by all believers and just about all, from the Fundamentalist to the laid back believer who is not religious, accepts these four points.

On the other hand, the materialistic scientists who accept standard evolution theory reject these four points. When you talk about a Higher Power, Intelligent Designer or any type of communication with such a being you are ridiculed as being unscientific and irrational.

But is this the case?

Perhaps we can see that such a believer is not so unrealistic in the present if we project into the future.

Researchers tell us that civilized man has only been on the earth a few thousand years, yet starting a couple hundred years ago we began to make a quantum leap forward.  Humanity has added more to its knowledge and power to create in the last two hundred years than in all of its recorded history. We are progressing so fast that it boggles the mind to think of what civilization will look like in a hundred, a thousand or even a million years hence.

Scientists tell us that the universe is 13.7 billion years old so a million years or so is no big deal.  Remember a billion is a thousand million.

Let us imagine where the progress of humanity will take us in the next million years, a blink of the eye in universal time.

To correctly imagine this think back to all the progress we’ve made in the last hundred years, or since 1912. Is there any reason to doubt that we will not do the same thing again in the next hundred? No. Most likely we will progress more because our progress has accelerated over time instead of slowing down.

So, just thinking of how much we will advance in the next hundred years is indeed challenging. But when we change that figure to a thousand years in the future we realize that speculation is almost useless because there are likely to be many new discoveries that we cannot even imagine at the present.

Trying to imagine our progress a thousand years in the future is difficult indeed but suppose we try to project ahead two thousand, ten, a hundred thousand and finally a thousand thousand, or a million years from now.

When you think about it the mind of man is likely to have solved about every problem one can imagine by that time.

Here are some things we are likely to have accomplished in a million years.

(1) Space travel to the stars.

(2) We will solve the riddles of life, DNA and creation and will be able to create structures or bodies that can house life.

(3) We will be able to not only regenerate our organs as well as the entire body and each person will be able to live as long as he wants in perfect health.

(4) We will research into other dimensions and most likely discover them and learn how to communicate with and visit them. Whether or not there is a spirit world we go to after death will be proven.

(5) We will terraform other planets and moons and make them hospitable for human life. We will also do things like hollow out asteroids and move their orbits. Millions of people could live within a terraformed asteroid.

(6) Just like the advances imagined for Star Trek are miraculous for us, even so would we consider a person from a million years in the future to be a worker of miracles. And remember, Star Trek is only supposed to be just over 150 years from our present.

Now let us suppose that in this future world a group of ambitious scientists decided to embark on a quest. They seek out a nearby solar system with an earth like planet that has no life yet but with a little terraforming can be made into a pleasant habitation.

These guys change the atmosphere and create lakes and rivers by discovering water in its depths and bringing it to the surface. They not only transplant life that they brought from earth but create some of their own with their technology. Finally, when they get this planet transformed into a Garden of Eden they create a human male and female suitable to populate its surface. These two multiply and replenish the new planet and after a couple thousand years there are millions of people on it.

Now the creators conclude that it would be best if they let life progress at its own pace without a lot of direct interference so they use their technology to veil their own living space. They can appear to their creations when it is deemed wise and they can keep track of all the people at will. Each person has a tiny computer program in their DNA that are linked to all other created lives and create an internet situation that the creators can tune into at will.

When the scientists tune into some of the conversations they discover that many of the inhabitants do not believe they had a creator.  When they hear this, the creators have a good laugh at such an illogical conclusion.

Many present day scientists will ridicule this scenario even though this type of science is inevitable thousands of years in the future.

Now we must also look at the possibilities of the present.  They say the universe is 13.7 billion years old and most scientists admit that there must be life elsewhere.  It is most likely that life elsewhere has gotten, not a hundred or a thousand years head start, but millions or even billions of years the jump on us.

Who is to say that there is not a group of these advanced beings, millions of years ahead of us living here, but invisible to us, guiding our evolution.

  • To assume that humans are the highest intelligence in the universe is not logical.
  • To assume that there is no higher intelligence working with us is not logical.
  • To assume that Higher Intelligent is not in communication with us is not logical.
  • To assume there is no intelligent designer of something intelligently designed (such as our DNA) is not logical.
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