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March 22, 2012

“I voted for Obama because he was black.”

While it is true that there was a small percentage of U.S. citizens who voted against Obama because of racial prejudice, statistics and numerous endorsements indicate that a lot more people voted for him because he was black.

For instance, in 2008 a whopping 95% of blacks voted for Obama instead of McCain. Nothing illustrates the truth that much of this was black bias for Obama more than the primary votes for Obama and Clinton. On Super Tuesday in 2008 CBS News reported Hillary Clinton received 49 percent of the popular votes, while  Obama only received 46 percent. But in that same primary 87 percent of the Blacks voted for Obama compared to a mere 12 percent for Clinton.

They were both Democrats with similar beliefs.  The only explanation for Obama drawing so many black voters was because he was considered as one of their own by African Americans – not because of his policies.

Obviously many also voted for Obama in the general election because he was black. I even heard a right wing Republican black declare on Fox News that he was voting for Obama to help elect the first black president.

In addition to drawing a high percentage of black voters, 2 million more African Americans voted in the Obama/McCain election than in 2004 for Kerry/Bush. The obvious conclusion is that these additional black voters were drawn to vote because of enthusiasm of electing one of their own as president.

All other minorities overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Obviously many of them did so because he was a minority like themselves. In addition, there were two million more Latino voters drawn out in 2008 over 2004 according to Pew Research.

A group that voted for him in fantastic numbers, because of the glory of electing the first black president, were the young voters. A record 66% of all voters under 30 voted for Obama compared to 51% of senior citizens who tend to vote for the same party they did in the past.

Now when you think of it, voting for someone because of the color of his skin, even if it does make history, is kind of silly, isn’t it? Do we want to go the other direction and elect the first Klansman as president for the same reason? How about someone not as outrageous, such as Donald Trump, the first billionaire president? Or if Romney gets the nomination should we vote for him just so we can have the first Mormon president?

It is true that many Mormons are likely to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon as blacks voted for Obama because he is black, but that only implies many people vote for something other than what the candidate is going to do for or to the country. Obama could shoot the Pope and still many people would support him because he is the first black president. Okay, that’s an extreme statement but it illustrates the point that many are so adamant that they made the right decision that it would take something cataclysmic to change their minds.

So, how does this idea of voting for a candidate because of his skin color square with the majority? We don’t need any poll to tell us that only a small minority would admit to supporting such a thing.  I would guess that many who voted for Obama because of his race would even say they are against such a thing, if directly asked. Some do not examine their own beliefs sufficiently enough to realize their own prejudices.

Fortunately, a lot of those who voted for Obama for the glory of electing the first black president have realized their error and this time around are looking much more carefully at what the candidates actually say and believe. With the economy still in shambles and the world at great points of tension many now could not care less if they elected the first female president, the first Latino, Asian, gay, blind, deaf or whatever.  We are reaching a point where the masses of the people just want a president that will do his job and guide the country in a reasonable fashion toward greater freedom, safety and prosperity.

There are certain types of criteria for voter decisions that the majority certainly wishes would diminish in number.  Among them are: voting for skin color, the glory of electing a first something, the candidates good looks or personality, his religion, his dog etc. Hopefully the day will come when most of the superficial voters will decide on a candidate because of an analysis of his views and intelligence.

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  1. No question this is the place to get this info, thnkas y’all.

  2. Thanks for helping me to see things in a difefrnet light.

  3. Richard Ruquist PhD says:

    Despite being black I voted for Obama
    because he and Biden were obviously
    more intelligent than either McCain or Palin.
    After Bush it seemed that intelligence was important.

    • JJ Dewey says:

      Most people like yourself vote for a candidate who squares with their beliefs but, unfortunately, there are those who are members of all groups who vote because of superficial things.

  4. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

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